The first view is about knowledge generally. But the second view is only about scientific knowledge. The second view is _____ .

What word (adjective) or adjectival phrase to put in the blank?

"Specific" doesn't sound specific enough. (Pun intended)

And I don't know if "Domain-specific" can be used in the above sentence.

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    The usual way to say this is "more narrowly scoped", if an adjectival phrase will do. 'More precisely targeted/directed' are also idiomatic. Sep 21, 2019 at 15:20
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One fairly common way to say this is more narrowly scoped (an adjectival phrase).

scope 1 noun ...

  1. The extent of a given activity or subject that is involved, treated, or relevant: the scope of the debate ... Synonyms ... range [AHD]

(the senses of the verb and participial adjective follow).

narrow: adjective ...

  1. Limited in area or scope [AHD]

(again, the sense of the adjective-modifier [traditionally 'adverb'] follows).

The phrase has become a reasonably strong collocation; examples from the internet are:

Narrowly scoped subset-analyses were performed additionally for living-donor transplants, pediatric transplants, as well as cases with prolonged cold ischemic time (CIT).

[Comparable outcome of liver transplantation ...; Alexander Kaltenborn et al]


Outsourcing contracts are trending toward smaller deals. Outsourcing firms should also consider establishing more narrowly scoped relationships [Supply Chain Focused Manufacturing Planning and Control By W. C. Benton]


More precisely targeted and more precisely directed are also idiomatic.

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