Is there a single word that means both logging in and logging out?

I have a single file which I currently have named as Login. But it does more than logging in, it also logs out. I'm looking for a word that encompasses both login and logout.

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Logging in is authenticating and logging out is unauthenticating. Code that does both handles authentication.

An example of authentication being used as a hypernym like this can be found in the CakePHP docs:

Authentication (login and logout)

We’re now ready to add our authentication layer. In CakePHP this is handled by the AuthComponent, a class responsible for requiring login for certain actions, handling user sign-in and sign-out, and also authorizing logged in users to the actions they are allowed to reach.

Similarly, the Laravel (another PHP framework) documentation page titled Authentication also covers both logging in and logging out.

  • "logging out is unauthenticating" - I've never heard "unauthenticate" or "unauthenticating", do you have any references for them? Given the well-established definitions of "authenticate" and "unauthenticated", "unauthenticate" (which is not in the dictionary) as a verb doesn't really make sense. Logging out ends the current session, it doesn't change the fact that the user had been authenticated. – nnnnnn Sep 20 at 22:19

You can use the name "user session" or simply "session" - this is more reflective of the behavior of your file which begins and ends an authenticated session for the user. Programmatically, by the way, this is exactly what happens: a user session begins with a login and is terminated with a logout. The word "authentication" suggested above is basically equivalent to "login", in and of itself it does not imply logout. CakePHP docs are misusing the term because they are trying to envelope three distinct tasks in it: login, authorization, and logout.

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