I'm writing as essay and I wish to introduce the 'father' character, by using an adjective to describe the nature of his role/name. In this book, the father is always referred to as just 'father', and his name is never revealed.

Ie: "In the novel, the ________ father..."

Is there a word for this?

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    You might want to complete the question, and include a sample sentence for where the word might be used. – KillingTime Sep 18 '19 at 5:32
  • How about just "the father" or "[character name]'s father"? – Robusto Sep 18 '19 at 21:54

Unnamed might be the word you're looking for.

Example: 10 Compelling Unnamed Protagonists in Literature

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You could also use "anonymous" -


2: not named or identified

(Meriam Webster)

"In the novel, the anonymous father..."

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The ‘eponymous father’ or ‘the one who is known by that name’ ie - ‘father’.

Or you could simply say ‘the character known as ‘father’...


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  • This is definitely incorrect usage. – eyeballfrog Sep 18 '19 at 22:37

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