I have searched for the correct spelling of "macroregional / macro-regional" on the Internet, but there are used both variants (sometimes even on the same website).

Wiktionary spells it as "macroregional" but also suggests "macro-regional" as an alternative form.

Some other websites (like this one) use only "macro-regional".

I need to choose only one variant for an article. Which spelling is correct among those two? Or are they both interchangeable? I will be grateful for your help.

P. S. According to Wikipedia, as a noun it is "macroregion".

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    Hello, Michael. As this word and the associated noun are new/ish terms, there's probably disagreement over the best choices of spelling. No really respected dictionary seems to have picked up on the terms yet; the hyphenated form for the adjective and (perversely) the solid form for the noun 'macroregion' seem to be preferred (possibly because macroregional might be seen as internally garden-pathy, hard to pronounce at first sight). Since hyphenated words often progress quite rapidly to the unhyphenated ones, and because the noun seems preferred sans hyphen, I'd go unhyphenated. – Edwin Ashworth Sep 10 '19 at 18:28
  • Thank you for your help. There are some more adjectives starting with the prefix "macro" (e. g. macroscopic, macrocyclic, macrophagic, macrocosmic), so I also suppose that the unhyphenated form ("macroregional") is better. – Michael Sep 23 '19 at 17:56

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