Which preposition is appropriate? On, with or to?

  1. Stay updated with/on our Facebook page

  2. Stay connected to/on/with our Facebook page

  3. Stay updated on the go on/with our Facebook page

  4. Stay connected on the go to/on/with our Facebook page.

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    I would not use any of these. All of them are equally bad to me. Also, Facebook still exists? – RegDwigнt Aug 30 at 10:30
  • Don't use Facebook. It is evil. – David Aug 30 at 12:09
  • Face book? Who is this face book? – marcellothearcane Aug 30 at 12:56

I like with, and would also break this into two sentences, like so:

On the go? Stay connected with Facebook!

via might also make sense:

Stay connected on the go via Facebook.

Since this is slang-ish marketing-speak, in the spirit of Googling a topic, or when you inbox someone, you could always verb the word; as in

Facebook us to stay connected!

(...dodges coffee cup thrown my way...)

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