A phrase that kind of illustrates what I'm looking for is something like "Activity Type".

Activity Type: indoor

Activity Type: outdoor

Is there a single word that can better represent the concept of either indoors or outdoors?

Some words I've thought of are "venue", "location" and "place", but these are all a bit too general.

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    For a field on a form or whatever and to indicate it's an indoor activity, I'd put, "Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor." – Benjamin Harman Aug 29 at 2:47
  • Could be a good option, but I may add other fields to it later. For example "mixed" for activities which are both indoor and outdoor. I think "setting" might work... – Anchor Aug 29 at 2:49
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    If something can be both or either, then there is an adjective: "indoor-outdoor." The adjective "indoor-outdoor" means that it is suitable for either indoor or outdoor or both (e.g., indoor-outdoor carpeting). – Benjamin Harman Aug 29 at 2:50
  • Great tip, thanks! – Anchor Aug 29 at 2:52

I would use environment:

: the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded

Context would make it clear what the possible choices are.

While starting with indoor and outdoor, you could add mixed, as you say.

But it's a lot more flexible than just that. The environment for the activity could also be something like underwater, if it involved swimming.

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