In some Latinamerican countries (Spanish speaking) the word "chorizo" is sometimes colloqualy used to refer to a very long and/or very complex mathematical expression. This use is almost slang and it is not recognised by the official language academy, RAE.

An example of a magnificient chorizo (from here):

enter image description here

Is there any word to convey such idea in English, ideally already being used in/formally in a mathematical context? Notice that the word "chorizo" is not used as an adjective, but as a noun. As in "the professor gave us a chorizo as homework". As such, searching for synonymous of complex is unhelpful. I've tried using Thesaurus.com without success.

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    No, there is no such single word in common use in (Br) English to denote such an expression. But, following your chorizo theme, why don't you call it a banger and see if you can make it catch on ? – High Performance Mark Aug 26 at 13:34

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