I'm struggling with a line of text.

I'm trying to write an instruction for someone to add up the lowest balance/s in multiple bank accounts in a monthly period and enter the total into a text field. And it needs to be in very plain English.

I've currently got:

Add the lowest balance in each account last month and enter the total

Does that make sense? Should it be 'balances' instead?


  • You've got to add A to B, or add up all the As. But you also need 'the lowest balance [not 'balances'] in each account' to preserve meaning. As 358 answers, you need to rephrase. – Edwin Ashworth Aug 21 '19 at 18:14

Find the lowest balance there was last month in each of the accounts and enter the sum of all those balances in a text field.

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"Take each account's lowest balance for the month, add them together, then enter the total in [describe text field]"

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