What I'm looking for is a word to describe "compliance with unspoken resistance" or something of the like. In other words, one complies, unwillingly. However, the unwillingness, is not stated outright, it is partially implied.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking "submission", but I'm not sure if it carries the full weight of what I would like to say..

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Per Vocabulary.com, resignation is:

(the quality or state of being resigned : submissiveness / an unresisting acceptance of a change or fate you don't necessarily like / state of uncomplaining, utter frustration)


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    Thanks for the word, but more importantly, the examples! That's awesome! :)
    – Qcom
    Nov 17, 2010 at 4:41


(Passive assent or agreement without protest.)

It should be noted that the word does necessarily cover the intended meaning of unwillingness. Some definitions actually indicate quiet satisfaction.



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