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I came across this article and thinking whether the use of plural form in the following sentence is necessary

2 . Conversation Etiquette ......

This is not a time to be social and discuss politics or sports.

Why not just "discuss politic or sport"?
Why is it necessary to be plural?

Any help will/would be appreciated!

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    Possible duplicate of Sports – singular or plural; the plural form with singular agreement of 'politics' is doubtless covered elsewhere, but would be suitable on ELL. Commented Aug 17, 2019 at 15:46
  • Perhaps your native language is other than English. Some nouns in English are written with a final "s", but that does not indicate that they are a plural. These include words describing branches of knowledge such as "Mathematics, Physics, Economics, etc"...also diseases, such as "measles, mumps, etc.", as well as other newsworthy topics such as "sports" and "politics". Commented Aug 17, 2019 at 21:48

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Politics isn't really the plural of "politic" (which is an adjective). As a topic, "politics" is singular; as shorthand for "political considerations", it's plural, but again, one political consideration isn't "a politic", it's still "politics".

Sports is a little different. "Sport" is commonly used in British English, but not as common in American English. In both, "sports" is commonly plural. But it can still be used as a mass/uncountable noun.

Here's a good answer for sport.

Here's a good discussion for politics.

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