I'm looking for a word (English or French) which summarizes 'A very attractive or seductive looking woman'. Also looking for a word or term that explains the Women Beauty.

Edit: Out of my research, I found that the word 'Peach' also means 'A very attractive or seductive looking woman'. I would like to find out is there any other word that gives the same meaning.

In short, a word that refers a beautiful and attractive woman.

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I suggest this in the vein of pre-raphaelite paintings of gorgeous sexy women who have a carefree attitude to their voluptousness and (mythically!) evoke almost out-of control responses in others, such is the passion that they arouse. Yet a true ‘temptress’ doesn’t care or is oblivious to such reactions - she’s just being herself.

Whereas dictionaries miss the original, romantic, point, of the temptress, in my view, and describe such ‘temptresses’ in pejorative terms such as ‘she uses her female charm to attract people sexually‘ which demotes the temptress considerably.

Anyway, temptress. A women in possession of her sexual power and power of attraction.




2 : a fascinating or beautiful woman

The definition includes beautiful, which can be synonymous with attractive, and a woman who is fascinating can also be seductive.

Used in a sentence, you might say:

I couldn't stop looking at her. She was a real enchantress.

This is also helped by the other sense of enchantress:

1 : a woman who practices magic : SORCERESS

In a figurative sense, you could say that a beautiful and alluring woman has cast a spell on you.


I suggest femme fatale about which Lexico says

femme fatale

An attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately cause distress to a man who becomes involved with her.

She is the femme fatale whose seductive voice, glamorous hair, and voluptuous body Rita Hayworth lent to the screen in 1946.

This phrase, however, has overtones of impending disaster.

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