Apparently there is a word for someone who always manages to see "rare" or "low chance" things. Is in the woods and sees animals...looks up and sees a shooting star. Anyone know what this word might be? Someone mentioned it, but couldn't remember what the actual word was.

  • Could it be 'lucky'? Please add the sentence it will be used in, and the words you have researched. – marcellothearcane Aug 6 at 4:49
  • Could it be "liar"? – nnnnnn Aug 6 at 5:04
  • 2
    Do you mean in the sense of being lucky, or that of being observant and accustomed to spotting wildlife etc.? – Kate Bunting Aug 6 at 7:39
  • Such a person would be 'observant' and possibly no more than that. – Nigel J Aug 6 at 10:08
  • Second Kate Buntings comment. You have a potentially interesting question here. – Cascabel Aug 6 at 13:59