I'm working in a big company with lots of employees. We have 'Skype for business application with which we communicate and interact with each other . I want to update my status to something like:

I'm not willing to answer non-work messages.

I want to know if we can have a word such as 'non-work? Another important thing is that are there any better alternatives?

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    The "I am not willing" bit sounds abrupt and borderline rude but the message itself is grammatically acceptable. I would ask whether there are better alternatives. – Mari-Lou A Jul 30 at 5:33

According to merriam-webster nonwork is an actual word, wih the exact meaning you just defined. The only differnce is, that it is written together, without the "-" symbol. As for the phrasing of it, for me something like: "Work related only." or "Work related only please." sounds a bit better. I think, anyone using Skype for business would understand that by this you mean that only important, work questions problems will be addressed.

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