In this recent CNN article, I found the following sentence:

It was one of two incidents involving South Korea, Tuesday.

It seems the comma is intentionally being used to separate the two proper nouns, possibly as a replacement for eliding the word "on," in order to make the sentence easier to read.

Is this use of a comma recognized or advised in any well-known style guide or grammatical authority? I could not find it when I searched.

  • That sentence no longer appears in the article, but another does: "After Moscow released its initial statement, Japan confirmed it had also scrambled fighter jets in response to the Russian incursion Tuesday." However, it doesn't include a comma before Tuesday, probably because of the first clause. This doesn't necessarily invalidate the question. – Andrew Leach Jul 25 at 7:59

As far as I know in news APPs, article titles are usually shortened by eliminating "the on for"and punctuations and thus grammatically wrong.

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