Below are some sentences involved these two phrases. Could "during" and "in" be replaced by each other?

During the process

  1. the permeability damage to coal reservoirs caused during the development process is one of the most important factors affecting productivity
  2. The temporal gene expression profile during the entire process of apoptosis and cell cycle progression

In the process

  1. exposure to avoided material, affective arousal, and emotional tolerance are important components in the process of change in therapy
  2. In the process, each stalemated the other while demeaning itself.
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    I don't think so. Your first two examples use during to mean while the process is happening. The third example refers to components in the process; you could also use components of, but not during. The last example seems to use in the process as a stock phrase meaning 'as an unintended part of a course of action' (I found this definition by googling 'in the process'). Jul 23, 2019 at 9:21

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"During" = concurrent with but not necessarily a component of the process

"In" = a component of the process

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