Are these phrases examples of a pleonasm or redundancy? Are these the same thing?

over exaggeration
over hype

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    Welcome to EL&U. Neither of them is necessarily an example of pleonasm or redundancy. 'Hype' particularly is a recognised and effective advertising technique but over-hyping is taking the process to a degree where it is counter-productive. 'Exaggereration' is also acceptable if not taken too far. For instance someone who has made 20 cupcakes for a party might say "I've made a couple of dozen" and that might be acceptable but "I've made hundreds" would be over-exaggeration. – BoldBen Jul 22 at 11:26
  • Don’t know. But they are certainly examples of omission of a necessary hyphen. Otherwise they are just two words with no context. – David Jul 22 at 19:06

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