See the following:

The second book in the Secrets of the Abandoned Bus series.

If this is placed at the end of a book's back cover, should it have the period? Yes, no, or either? Thanks!

  • Titles and display blurbs on books don't use a period. – Robusto Jul 22 at 2:21
  • Sentence fragments. They still do. Have periods. (Titles don't have periods; however they are normally in title case, with most words starting with a capital letter. Slogans, mottos, and other things that are outside of normal narrative text may or may not have a period; it depends on the style followed.) If what you quoted is a line of text following a series of other sentences, and it's part of the same paragraph, then yes. Use a period. – Jason Bassford Jul 22 at 2:27
  • An actual answer may not be possible—since styles vary—but if you give the complete context of exacly what appears on the back cover, and where the line you have fits into that, it might make it more likely that some kind of answer could be given. – Jason Bassford Jul 22 at 2:31

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