We say that something is easy (in Australia at least) by saying that 'it's a soda?' What is the origin of this please? Why soda?

  • I added the australian-english tag to this since it's something I've never heard before and I suspect it might be regional. Although it's interesting that it's food related. The expression I'm used to is it's a piece of cake. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jul 21 at 2:49
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    Could it be related to the fact soda is a soft drink? – marcellothearcane Jul 21 at 7:40
  • I'm Australian and have never heard that expression before. OP - is it specific to certain states? – nnnnnn Jul 22 at 2:36

According to GDoS it may derive from the card game Faro:


1941 Baker Popular Dictionary of Australian Slang 69:

(of a person) one who is an easy or suitable subject for exploitation. (2) Something easily done.

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    So why is the first card discarded from a deck called "soda"? What did/does "soda" mean there? – Mari-Lou A Jul 21 at 15:14
  • I've just looked at Green's Dictionary, you missed an essential element. – Mari-Lou A Jul 21 at 15:16

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