Consider the following statement:

I have four assessments due in a weeks' time.

Here, the four assessments are due in one week. I am unsure if the apostrophe is placed correctly, i.e. is weeks' or week's more appropriate in this instance.

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    a week is singular. It should be in a week's time. If there were two or more weeks then it would be in two weeks' time. – Jeeped Jul 18 at 10:31
  • Hmmm... Can a week own something? I would say "due in a week." Or possibly "within a week." I would not use "weeks time." Unless there was a person called Week. – puppetsock Jul 18 at 13:49
  • @puppetsock - a minute's, an hour's, a day's, a week's time (etc) are all perfectly normal and acceptable. – Michael Harvey Jul 18 at 17:57

An apostrophe showing possession always goes after the thing that is doing the possessing. You might not think of a week as possessing time, but that is actually what it's saying - the amount of time that is contained within a week. It often helps to turn the phrase around in your head to make it clearer:

The girl's toys: the toys belonging to the girl
The girls' toys: the toys belonging to the girls

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