I'm doing a piece where I am trying to state that a place is linked/bonded together with a river tightly. Just using "linked/bonded" as a term seems weak, is there any phrase to replace them that showcases that the two subjects have to be together, that each individual may fail if separated.

  • Give an example sentence with a dash in which you are going to use the word. – mahmud koya Aug 16 at 8:06
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    'Inextricably associated with' is the usual term – Edwin Ashworth Sep 15 at 15:17

You could try inseparable and remove the tightly at the end as it already denotes strong relationship.


Two options are yoked and entwined.

From Merriam-Webster:

entwined: To become twisted together or around

Example: Now a new documentary will look at the history of this genre, in which the pastoral is routinely entwined with the painful.

yoked: to join as if by a yoke

Example using the place/river:

  • The place is yoked to the river.
  • The place is entwined with the river.

The two entities are intertwined. Then again, your use of "inextricable" encapsulates the idea you are going for, I feel (as @Edwin Ashworth mentionned) .

intertwine [ˌin(t)ərˈtwīn] VERB intertwined (past tense) · intertwined (past participle)

twist or twine together.

"a net made of cotton intertwined with other natural fibers" · "the coils intertwine with one another like strands of spaghetti" · "Dickens has been very clever to intertwine all these aspects and ideas"

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