It's a single word. My explanation might be vague but I'll try my best to explain.

Basically, a person trying to achieve a goal but his _______ hinder him from attaining the said. It's sort of defect or problem (something they lack) which inevitably leads to failure.


Without more context its hard to say. "His flaws hinder him" works in a general sense, but if you want to be more specific, context is needed.

But speaking specifically to the 'lacking' aspect - perhaps deficiencies is a possible answer:

From Merriam-Webster:

: the quality or state of being defective or of lacking some necessary quality or element : the quality or state of being deficient : INADEQUACY


This word doesn't fit into the sentence, but fits your other descriptions of the what you a are looking for.

downfall MW

2 : something that causes failure

In the end, gambling proved to be his downfall. [=ruin, undoing]

This refers to a specific aspect of a person/project/design/etc. that has most of the responsibility for its failure.

Typically the flaw or vice itself is described as the downfall, rather than someone "possessing" a downfall.

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