I remember reading in an early Michael Connelly novel from the late nineties a remark about how one of the characters pronounced Los Angeles with a /g/ sound, making it /lɒs'æŋgələs/.

So far as I remember, the character was a woman in her sixties, so she would have been born in the thirties. Such a pronunciation is given as less common than /lɒs'ændʒələs/ by J.C Wells in the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. Now apart from this fictitious character, I've never heard anyone say Los Angeles like that.

Is this way of pronouncing it still extant? If yes, do age or other considerations account for it?

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    I'm a little torn, because this question is interesting, but maybe falls down in the "shows research" department. A quick Google search for "pronounce los angeles hard g" comes up with an LA Times article, a city-data thread, a quora question, ... (1/2) – shoover Jun 26 at 16:33
  • ...a reddit thread, and a couple of Straight Dope threads. (2/2) – shoover Jun 26 at 16:33
  • Thanks for the info! The LA Times article I can't access from Europe but the other tips are quite interesting and point to the conclusion that the /g/ pronunciation has died out entirely. – petitrien Jun 26 at 17:10
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    The City of Los Angeles was named after angels (with /dʒ/) and not angles (with /g/). And neither of these consonants is that close to the Spanish. – Peter Shor Jun 27 at 0:47
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