I am in the process of asking for a salary adjustment. I am trying to state in a letter that I am able to accomplish certain major tasks without being able to fall back on anyone for help. Basically, I have a certain skill that I can't rely on any coworkers for because they don't posses this skill and there's no one else in my role. How can I properly phrase this without being offensive to my boss, who doesn't have this skill?

I'm trying to demonstrate value by including this and am looking for a single sentence.


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You may want to try any of the following terms:

  • unassisted
  • solely responsible for (task)
  • without backup
  • only resource for (task)
  • single point of failure (although this could be considered to reflect negatively on your manager, as these are to be avoided in business)

I would probably chose 'solely responsible' since it emphasizes your positive attribute (responsibility for something important) more than the negative of your manager (failing for provide backup for something important).

  • Independently. Unique resource for . . .
    – Xanne
    Jun 25, 2019 at 22:47

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