After "bunch of people", what does it sound like?

What's the way for me to fully understand what it's said? I can never listen to what it suppose to be sound.

How did you guys listened "4:00 a.m."? No matter how I listen to, all I can hear was "I guess you emailed a bunch of people For ended up something?". I know the sentence doesn't make sense... Would you guys recommend me how I can improve my listening? English is my second language by the way.

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This is a scene from the 2015 film The Intern. The entire line is

"And your 11:00 is in the big conference room. So is your 11:10. Finance needs you, and I guess you emailed a bunch of people at 4:00 a.m. about something?

I found the film by Googling the phrase "emailed a bunch of people at 4 AM" and translating the one link that popped up from Korean. From there, I searched for subtitles for the film.


Sounds like she is talking about some meeting or proposed meeting. She describes how they did or could feed a bunch of people and you could call people at 4:00 AM on Sunday apparently to tell them what a great meeting it is. Her tone suggests that she is not serious about doing that but just throwing it out as a wild idea.

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