I have a thesis that is called "Maritime Dimension of the Energy Policy of Korea". Is it nesessary to add indefinite article in the beginning of the title. If yes/no, then why? What are the rules for using indefinite articles in thesis title?


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    Titles don't have to follow the 'rules' but often are more easily read when they do. – KillingTime Jun 15 at 11:36
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    If energy policy in Korea has more than one dimension, as it surely does, then you need a "the". Usually policies and problems have dimensions with an s.The rules for formal titles are the same as the rules for standard grammar. I suggest "The Maritime Dimension of Korea's Energy Policy". Also, the "of" would make the article standard. " the main Issue of the world's environmental movements. The rule is: The x of y phrase takes a the, typically. – Lambie Jun 15 at 14:48

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