"Funding on" versus "funding in" versus "funding for"? Which of the three is correct.


The government concentrates research funding on/in/for a small number of top departments.

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    You need to supply a sentence, all three are valid. – Mari-Lou A Jun 15 at 7:13
  • Please share an example. – HDdeveloper Jun 15 at 7:47
  • @Mari-LouA please see the updated question. Thanks! – HDdeveloper Jun 15 at 7:53
  • @JasonBassford please check the updated question. Thanks in advance! – HDdeveloper Jun 15 at 7:54
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    With the specific sentence you added, either on or in would work. – Jason Bassford Jun 15 at 7:56

Does an agency concentrate/focus/direct funding on, in, or for a department?

I believe that all three prepositions are acceptable, there's really not much difference in meaning. In the OP's case, I'd suggest using the preposition "in"

      “… funding in a [small] number of [top] departments

  1. …funding in something
  • Once upon a time, tech entrepreneurs would forage for funding in Silicon Valley.
  • Tutunjian said they are working to obtain funding in the proposed county budget
  • It's this web among CWU programs that makes funding in the athletic department essential, Gaudino said.
  • That said, I'm not against concentrating research funding in centres of excellence in principle.
  • Does this influence the government when it comes to funding research in any of the non-Russell Group universities?
  1. …funding on something
  • I was disappointed to hear that the Government has cut funding on school sports
  • Previously some of the album funding had to be spent on promotion and marketing.
  • Countries with malaria problems definitely need to increase funding on malaria
  • The EU spent two thirds of its energy research funding on nuclear technologies in 2011
  1. …funding for something
  • Congress is debating reductions in funding for the Conservation Reserve Program.
  • If the charges stick, the PRI risks losing federal funding for party activities.
  • In return for his support, Specter, who has Hodgkin's disease, won a large increase in cancer research funding for the National Institutes of Health
  • He could also repeal limits on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research
  • Funding could be used for a number of projects identified by the Virginia Department of Transportation, such as widening Route 1 and improving key interstate exit ramps and local intersections.
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    Hello, Mari-Lou. May I suggest 'in' takes a prepositional object describing a geographic area / institution / department // fund; 'on' an object referencing something to be (hopefully) improved / developed / tackled, and 'for' either (not the 'tackled' sub-sense; 'funding for malaria' is not so good) (?) – Edwin Ashworth Jun 15 at 13:33

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