When someone says:

'What's the latest appointment available today?'

Does it mean last appointment available today OR first available appointment today after time now?

I was under the impression that it means last available appointment but someone told me it means first available appointment after time now.

  • The latest appointment today. For example, maybe the person will have to leave work or school early in order to get to the appointment. By taking the latest slot available, they will be able to minimize the time lost from work or school. – aparente001 Jun 14 at 21:19
  • In theory, it could also mean What's the most recent appointment to have become available? (It would normally only be used in that sense if somebody were fully booked—but a series of cancellations had happened.) Airline passengers, for instances, can wait for the either the most recently available seat or the latest available seat. Only in this one sense do those words mean the same thing. But, normally, the sentence in question means the appointment as late as possible in the day. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jun 14 at 21:27

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