While writing a resume , I have come across this question while specifying work experience.

Total Experience of One and Half Years


Total Experience of One and Half Year

This may seem duplicate question , but I have read Which is it: "1½ years old" or "1½ year old"? but it was inconclusive when it came to time span referred for any activity.

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    It’s definitely never one and half, regardless of whether year(s) is singular or plural. Jun 14 '19 at 15:00

The most idiomatic way to express this with "experience" would be:

One and a half years' experience.

or, possibly

A year and a half of experience.

Some people may well say "a year and a halfs' experience" but in writing it might cause as much debate as what we are having now and that isn't what you want people looking at your resume to do.

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