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Liverpool's players are skilled, so they .... the match easily.

  1. will win
  2. are going to win

I had hard time answering this question in my final exam in the High School, my answer was the second. Some of my classmates said: "will win".

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The short answer is that you can use either will or are going to. Perhaps they are going to win the match is more like a prediction, and they will win the match suggests you have seen the future!

The question has been asked before, here. You may find the answer and the comments useful.


Here is my answer. Both of this 2 options are correct ( based on the hint of context provided on your exam)

  1. Are going to win = you planned everthing to be a winner and you predict you can win that in your future.
  2. Will win = you might have no plan for winning that but you trust in your ability to win and you said I WILL win this. Dont be confused will as the future tense because there is no future tense. Its just a name.

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