Is this sentence grammatically correct?

None of these (cons of a coffee shop listed above) made it a less nice hangout.

Thanks a lot!

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    Does it Gramatically right? Your question has a missing. It doesn't sense :-) – Old Brixtonian Jun 9 at 1:59
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    If you are asking about "Does the sentence Grammatically right?", no. If you are asking about "None of these made it a less nice hangout", what do you think is wrong with it? – Hot Licks Jun 9 at 2:00
  • Is the question mark (‘‘?’’) part of the sentence you’re asking about? – Scott Jun 9 at 2:40
  • @OldBrixtonian got it fixed. you are very bad!LOL – mfg Jun 9 at 3:50
  • @HotLicks, I don't know. less nice sounds weird and I'd like to rephrase it. – mfg Jun 9 at 3:55

As a rule, its just easier to say 'worse' - 'less nice' is clunky. Perhaps restructuring the sentence would give it greater flow? For eg. "Neither the __________ nor the _______ worsened the hangout", or "None of these made it a worse hangout".

Additionally, you may want to refine your adjectives - nice can be a bit bland - try something more relevant to the subject - cozy, comfortable, pleasant, etc.

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    The problem is that "worse" implies that the starting point was "bad". If the starting point was "nice" then "worse" gives the wrong implication. – Hot Licks Jun 9 at 2:39
  • @HotLicks, what word would you suggest here? – mfg Jun 9 at 3:49
  • @Fin, thanks. Do you think "worse" is still applicable given that the place was good overall. – mfg Jun 9 at 4:07
  • Its difficult because there really isn't a nicer word. If I was reading this in context I don't think I'd mind, but I understand the point brought up by @HotLicks. Personally I'd say _____ didn't degrade/ruin the hangout because they don't have that initial negative connotation – Fin Jun 9 at 4:09
  • @Fin, your sentence sounds great. Thanks a lot! – mfg Jun 9 at 7:00

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