I am looking for a word that captures that feeling of being pressured (to do something) by an invisible force.

For example, when I go shopping at the local farmers market, the vendors have this approach where they open up a bag to pack the crops that you would presumably purchase. The invisible force in this situation adds pressure to me to actually make a purchase since I have witnessed the vendor opened up a new bag already.

This word duress is closely related to the situation that I have described above, but I think duress is too extreme of a manner to describe it; the word implies a pressure that is forcibly perhaps through a threat whereas I hope to capture a more lighter sentiment of 'making a decision under distress'.

Does a suitable word exist in the English language for this circumstance?

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As in:

When I go shopping at the local farmers market, I feel compelled to make a purchase when the hard-working farmers open up a new bag to proudly show me their wares.

compel TFD

  1. To exert a strong, irresistible force on; sway:

You were pressed. It expresses persuasion with lots of effort or pressure.

4a : to exert influence on : CONSTRAIN

b : to try hard to persuade : BESEECH, ENTREAT

5 : to move by means of pressure

6a : to lay stress or emphasis on

b : to insist on or request urgently


The vendors pressed me to make a purchase.

  • Thank you for the answer. I opted for 'compelled' because it does evoke that 'invisible hand' force on the mind while the word 'pressed' would partially imply a bit of physical force (even if not used in that context).
    – puoygae
    Jun 13, 2019 at 13:17

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