In the sentences

A copy of your documents has been emailed to you@gmail.com.

A copy of your documents have been emailed to you@gmail.com.

I believe the subject is "copy", and since "has" refers to the third person singular ("it" being "copy") I believe the first sentence to be correct. Does the preposition change the focus of the subject to "documents" or does it remain singular ("copy")? I don't think the subject has become "documents" at any point in the sentence.

Even if there were multiple items after the "of", such as

A copy of your documents and files (has/have) been emailed to you@gmail.com.

would the subject still be "copy" or is it now the items?

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    That’s right, * has* agrees numerically with copy in your example. – Lawrence Jun 5 at 21:57
  • Subjects can't change in the middle of a sentence. – Jason Bassford Jun 6 at 13:51

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