The passage is from IT by Stephen King.

They ran down Center Street. People turned to look at them. Ben’s large stomach pogoed up and down. Beverly’s pony-tail bounced. Richie let go of Ben and held his glasses against his forehead with his left thumb so he wouldn’t lose them. ... They cut up Court Street and collapsed on a bench in front of the police station: at that moment it seemed the only place in Derry where they might possibly be safe.

I want to ask the meaning of the bold-faced cut up. The several dictionaries I looked up didn’t give any meanings to fit this context. It seems like they (Beverly, Richie, and Ben) sharply turned their direction of fleeing to Court Street.

Am I right?


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See https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/cut definition 6. Up is used rather than across because they ran up Court Street as a shortcut.

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