I have read several questions on the usage of "I myself", but didn't find anything about whether it's OK to insert things between them. Would it sounds right?


I had doubts myself on whether I did this question right. or I have doubted it myself whether I did this question right.

(Or maybe there are some other problems in these sentences I gave or anything else I said, I'm not great at grammar, especially tenses... but you get the idea. Thanks.)

  • I myself is used for emphasis: don't weaken it with cumbrous intervening words. (You're not mixing it up with "I blamed myself for forgetting to bring shoes." "I rewarded myself with a chocolate." Myself object, reflexive) – Hugh Jun 3 at 21:34
  • You would only use that if other people had expressed doubts and you wanted to emphasize your own doubts in the same regard. – Lambie Jun 3 at 21:37
  • “I myself” is sometimes used to separate the views of the speaker from those of the organization he/she represents. – Xanne Jun 4 at 6:12

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