Could you please verify that using the gerund is normal as an analogue of Russian verbal participles in the following phrase:

The device automatically estimates calories, consumed from food, basing on data from bioimpedance sensor.

**UPD:**So, the main thing is that "...estimates ... based..." seems like there have to be NOUN instead of "estimates" and "...estimates...basing..." looks very similar to gerund, like in "I like skating"/"I estimate basing"

  • I don't know Russian but 'basing' sounds wrong, and 'based' would sound natural. But also 'The device' is how you say it. – Mitch May 31 at 11:54
  • Thank you, @Mitch, i've ellipsed the article, but still confused about the form for base as for me ,confused from food, seems nonessentional addition, interrupting the main flow as in the next phrase: "The hotel, once we finally found it, was very nice." so, the base of the sentence would be: "The device automatically estimates calories basing/based on (a?) data from bioimpedance sensor. *articles, hate em =) could you please say, which of the variants basing/based seems more natural to you? – inlinguaveritas May 31 at 11:56
  • So isn't "NOUN3 + estimates -> based" wrong? Always thought that it could be only smth like "...performs estimation based" not "estimates based" – inlinguaveritas May 31 at 12:02
  • As I mentioned already, 'basing' is unnatural and 'based' is very natural, but I have no idea about the original (which you should give for any kind of translation question). – Mitch May 31 at 12:05
  • No, a past participle is required: "Device automatically estimates calories consumed from food, based on data from bioimpedance sensor". – BillJ May 31 at 12:06

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