Help please with the right meaning of verb MOCK . In my sentence i have to write about bullying at school that a boy taking away cellphone from another boy and mocking his social media. But i'm afraid that the phrase "mocking his social media" sounds unnatural. I need exactly the word mock/mocking to show humiliation of schoolboy. Phrase "laugh at" doesn't work. Thank you!

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    social media is too broad to be mocked or be laughed at in my opinion. What aspect of their social media is being mocked, their posts? Their friends count? Clarifying that can help you with using mock. – Yiğit Sever May 31 at 12:51
  • thanks for the answer. Bullies mocking his social media account. - is that sentence ok? – Pe4enjka May 31 at 15:12
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    it sounds better but my suggestion stands, social media account is too vast of a concept to be mocked. can you talk about the specifics of it? – Yiğit Sever May 31 at 19:31
  • Thanks, this answer is enough – Pe4enjka May 31 at 19:48
  • @YiğitSever I disagree. While just social media is too undefined, you can easily mock a social media account in context. It could mean, for example, mocking a Facebook page. – Jason Bassford Jun 1 at 19:15