This article actually explains my question http://stonepsychology.com/is-your-ego-healthy-or-unhealthy-heres-how-to-tell/ very well.

If we say some action is driven by 'ego' we often mean that the action is driven by excessive pride and coming from a place of unhealthy ego.

Is there any easier way that we can identify behaviours or actions as being driven by an unhealthy ego? Is there a single word for 'unhealthy ego'?



From Merriam-Webster:

exaggerated pride or self-confidence

Hubris pretty much always has a negative connotation, unlike ego, which may be neutral, from its origins in ancient Greek.


You can identify those actions as ego-driven.

Explanation: To be ego-driven is that the person in question gets very well motivated by themselves. They may also think that their actions are the best ones, and sometimes they may not consider other's actions.

But in general... ego-driven is that the person has good confidence in themselves, and that they do not need support from others to reach their goals.

It can sometimes be a bad thing, since they may get too self centered.


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