Is "have understanding" right to use? Or should it be replaced with "understand"?

Thanks in advance.

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  • It would help if you gave a sample sentence where you intend to use this word or words. – KillingTime May 28 at 5:03
  • @KillingTime "I have good understanding of the Order Management module." When I used this, MS Word suggested me to use "I understand the Order Management module". – siva balanarayanan May 28 at 11:33

In everyday English it is most common to say “I understand politics” for example, but you can also say “I have a good/bad/excellent understanding of politics”. This is more typical in formal language (in a job interview, for example).

  • I corrected it to "I have good understanding" and it worked. Thanks. – siva balanarayanan May 28 at 18:50

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