In Sandman #38, there is a moment when two strangers meet on a road and the following dialogue happens:

"Where are you bound, young peddler?" asks the man.

"I'm bound where my feet take me, and heart where my wills," said the young man.

Sandman #38's dialogue

What does the clause "...and heart where my wills" mean? In particular, what are the meanings of the words heart and wills in this context?

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    and heart where my wills is almost certainly a mistake, and should have been and where my heart wills. If it's not a mistake it's very non-standard and I (native BrE speaker) have no idea what it means. – High Performance Mark May 27 at 16:15
  • @HighPerformanceMark Agreed, as another native BrE speaker. It has no meaning of which I am aware. – Peter Jennings May 27 at 18:49
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    I would say the mistake is in the use of my and that it should be and heart where it wills. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica May 28 at 17:57

An expanded and more clear version of the sentence could be:

I am bound where my feet take me, and my heart is bound where my wills take me.

I hope this helps to understand the meaning.

Such shortenings are quite common in written English, but this one does seem to be a bit unclear and awkward.

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    Thanks for the ingenious solution to an intractable problem. But I don't buy it. "My wills" is almost unknown - the iWeb corpus has only 26 instances, and many of them are in a different sense. All the examples of "my wills" in this sense seem to be in reference to a single biblical verse (Acts XIII 22). – Colin Fine Jun 5 at 14:49

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