Is there a call word to describe someone who is talented in not one, but all the arts? (eg. singing, painting, writing, etc.) The only words I can think of are virtuoso, artist, and maestro, but they all seem to have to do with only one of the arts. Example sentence: I love Jeffrey! He's a true [word].

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  • (Give us an example sentence. It's not clear whether you want an noun or an adjective.)
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    There's nothing wrong with "artist", though you could use, eg, "virtuoso". Any single word you use, though, will carry a connotation, so if you want to make it clear you should use a multi-word term like "master of all the arts".
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Although it's not precisely what you're looking for, the closest you're going to get is Renaissance man:

: a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas


I love Jeffrey! He's a true Renaissance man.

As I mentioned, the noun itself doesn't mean arts specifically, so you'd have to qualify the statement if you wanted to make that clear:

I love Jeffrey! When it comes to the arts, he's a true Renaissance man.

Even that wouldn't necessarily mean every art, but it would certainly imply many of them.

If you are referring to a woman, and don't like the use of man in the noun, there is also Renaissance woman. (I suppose you could coin Renaissance person if you wanted to be truly gender neutral. Although that has no definition, nobody would misunderstand its use.)


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