I am looking for a more formal variation of this sentence:

"We can only speculate at this point."

Perhaps what is taking away from the professional feel that I want is the first person "We."


Is there a more formal way to express this sentence, ideally by not using "we?"

  • Maybe This is just a hypothesis at this point – enxaneta May 21 at 10:51
  • 'Beyond this point, it's all guesswork.' – Edwin Ashworth May 21 at 12:39

You can write it in a passive voice:

"This can only be speculated at this point."

You can check the usage in more formal texts here site:gov "can only be speculated"


This is only speculation at this point.

This is a matter of speculation at this point.

site:gov "a matter of speculation at this point"

  • "This can only be speculated at this point" uses 'speculate' as a transitive verb with an implied noun/pronoun object in the transposed form ('We can only speculate this'). I can't find a dictionary (CED, ODO, Collins, M-W, AHD, RHK Webster's) licensing this, though admittedly your examples include ... er ... examples. (eg NCBI: 'Other possible mechanisms can only be speculated.') – Edwin Ashworth May 21 at 12:32

As in:

"We can only presume at this point."

presume TFD

  1. To take for granted as being true in the absence of proof to the contrary:
  • Like in Presumed Inocent. Good point! – Lucian Sava May 21 at 13:00

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