Recently I came across this word, which meant "Word for the feeling when any one uses the word, we think they are wrong , but when searched in the dictionary they actually exist . We didn't know the word because of the lack of use of those words."

I can't remember the word itself and having difficulties finding it out online as well.

Thank you in advance .


An adjective which is used in the sense of not well-known to describe such entities (not necessarily limited to words) is obscure.



1.1 Not important or well known.

‘The body of work includes recent acquisitions and both well known and more obscure works from the gallery.’

‘I tend to forget some obscure titles on albums I rarely play.’


Obscure words
June 8, 2013 By Kelly C. (OH)
These are hard, random words pulled from the dictionary, meant for advanced spellers/vocabulary learners.


10 Obscure Words That Are Somehow Real


If you are looking for an adjective, unbeknownst is a good option. Merriam Webster gives the meaning of the word as

happening or existing without the knowledge of someone specified —usually used with to

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