Scenario - There are many assets (computers, chairs, keyboards) displayed in a list (e.g. Recently delivered assets) in a software. I need to click on an asset (e.g. computer) that is listed in Recently delivered assets.

How do I need write that -

"Click on an asset from the Recently purchased assets list" "Click on an asset in the Recently purchased assets list"

Which one is grammatically correct?

  • I am looking for which once is grammatically correct but not sure if a preposition is not grammatically correct then how it can be appropriate. Can you please write a few lines to help me out here.. Thank you @KillingTime – Ank May 15 at 7:36

The important part is the action, i.e. "Click on". While you are choosing an item (a recently delivered asset) from the list, the action you are performing is clicking on one of the items that is (displayed) in the list.

So the correct sentence would be:

Click on an asset in the Recently purchased assets list.

That said, most users would interpret it the same way if you used the 'from' variant.

  • Thanks @killingTime May I know if there is any scenario when "from" could sound appropriate? – Ank May 15 at 9:05
  • If editing for a software manual, I would remove the redundant preposition and just write click an asset . . . – Jason Bassford May 15 at 15:24

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