What is the name for wordplay in which a word is spoken or spelled differently to make a rhyme? For example:

I'm running this shit you should try tacklin', Lil Wayne in one word immaculin [immaculate]

-Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West, "Maybach Music 2"


Wiktionary defines forced rhyme to mean exactly what you want.

However, other sources, such as this well-illustrated article on Rhymezone give a more general definition that includes other dubious, but just as pertinent, ways to make a rhyme.

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Alliteration? -- although I don't think the words are necessarily spelled differently, but the words must just sound similar phonetically ... not sure. Homonyms sound the same but are spelled differently. (pair - pear). But yes, poetic licence sounds about right in this case.

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