For example, perhaps a business project that should have been completed 4 weeks ago is still unfinished.

One might say "it's dragging on"

I need other phrases or idioms that convey that same meaning, that the task is taking much longer than expected of it.

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  • What's missing here is (1) an explanation of how you would use the word or expression (solution: add an example sentence like "This project is _____" or "This project looks like a _____") and (2) an explanation of degree, intensity or desired effect: for example, it's overdue is a neutral solution, whereas "it's dragging the chain" gives a sense of negative impact. Unless you narrow down our options, it remains too broad - there are dozens of possible answers. For further guidance, see How to Ask and take the EL&U Tour. :-) – Chappo May 8 at 23:42
  • Starting from the familiar proverb "A watched pot never boils," you could say something like "Too many people are watching that pot." – Sven Yargs May 8 at 23:44
  • The project is 4 weeks behind schedule...or never-ending, somewhere between those. – KannE May 9 at 1:20