I am surfing over google and dictionary and books but cannot find a term for people who are easily traumatized.

Is there any term for it? Or should we just say like: She is easily traumatized.

  • Do you mean sb who is " touchy" , " irritable" or "crabby" ? It would be much better if an example were presented inorder to clarify what you want. – Lara May 7 at 15:16
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    A snowflake is pretty close – Hitch-22 May 7 at 16:57
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    In U.S. tort law there is a category of plaintiff known as "the egg-shell-skull plaintiff." It refers to someone who may be badly injured by an action that would not seriously harm a person of normal physical and mental resilience. In tort law, the issue is significant, since the foreseeability of harm is often treated as a component in liability—and the question naturally comes up, "Accepting that pushing someone off a low wall constitutes tortious conduct, to what extent is a person liable for the extreme harm that occurs when it turns out that victim of the pushing was Humpty-Dumpty?" – Sven Yargs May 7 at 17:56

There are lots of applicable terms. Fragile is common, and is frequently used for someone prone to mental shocks as well as physical. Fragile has plenty of synonyms like delicate, frail, weak, flimsy and brittle, which you can use as the mood takes you.

  • Yep, and "emotionally fragile" might be a hair better, to eliminate ambiguity. – Hot Licks May 7 at 17:31

Sensitive works here.

highly responsive or susceptible: such as

  1. easily hurt or damaged
    • especially : easily hurt emotionally

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