I know that the prefix for eight is "oct". Does this mean that the word I am looking for starts with"oct"? I have done quite a bit of research. Almost every time the first website listed is this one. I really hope that this will be the end of my research! Thank you!

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    Are you looking for a word in the sequence double, triple, quadruple, ... – Peter Shor Apr 30 at 19:57
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    Please give us an example. It’s not clear whether you mean n*8, n^8, or n*(m^8), etc – Jim Apr 30 at 20:55
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    Single word requests must be accompanied by an example sentence. – Hot Licks Apr 30 at 22:21
  • Possible duplicate of Another way to say "octupled" – Laurel May 1 at 0:16


to make eight times as much or as many. (M-W)



(Mathematics) by or up to eight times as much.

(Collins English Dictionary)

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    A verb 'to octuple' is certainly morphologically well_formed, but I think it is rare, and for good reasons. I think that 'sextuple' is at the limit of widely used multiples. 'Septuple' begins to sound a bit odd, 'octuple' somehow less so, but nine times? Nonuple? Surely not. As for 'ninefold' (by analogy with 'eightfold'), you cannot 'ninefold' something. You might increase it nineford. – Tuffy Apr 30 at 22:04
  • Octuplicate, octuplication. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this. Tempted to octify. – Vix Apr 30 at 23:21

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