In database queries, clients often asked to group values into ranges, "Low", "Medium","High" which make sense when read by a human. But if the computer returns strings, they sort alphabetically not conceptually, e.g. "Low","High","Med" since 'L'<'H'<'M'.

We could prepend numbers, "1-Low", "2-Med","3-High", etc. but wonder if there's a sequence of short simple English words that also sorts correctly.

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    Bottom Middle Top – TaliesinMerlin Apr 30 at 18:01
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    @TaliesinMerlin Bacon Mackerel Tomato? – JJJ Apr 30 at 18:16
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    High, higher, highest. – Weather Vane Apr 30 at 18:23
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    min, med, max and reverse the sort... – user888379 Apr 30 at 19:20
  • Great answers. @JJJ I will make that sandwich tomorrow. – prototype May 1 at 2:50

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