I'm creating a presentation for school and I want to title my presentation "The not so secret secret to weight loss"

My meaning is that people act as if it is a secret when in fact it is very common knowledge. Do I need a comma between the two words or a hyphen? Or is it fine the way it is?



“The not-so-secret secret to weight loss.” In this case, “not-so-secret” is the adjective describing the “secret to weight loss.” No commas.

  • Although not as common, another style choice is to use quotation marks around the adjectival phrase rather than hyphens: the "not so secret" secret to weight loss. (They serve the same purpose of making it obvious that the entire phrase is being treated as a compound.) – Jason Bassford May 1 at 12:07

The above sentence should be like:

The not so secret, "secret to weight loss".

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