I have a blog and from time to time I made posts that contains only web links with some short description. Those links was not so easy to gather and they are have a value by themselves. I call this kind of posts as "Link Set" and you can see for example this linkset. This is some kind of shared bookmarks with comments.

What is interesting that today I found another Russian-speaker blogger who also used the similar term "Link List" and here is his example of linklist about some new programming language. Which means that this is quite useful kind of information.

So my main question is how to name such kind of posts? I see several options:

  1. "Link Set" - I googled and it seems not used but in the same time I found a definition "A collection of link sequences and/or individual links that has a specific function or significance in a network" which is still not clear.
  2. "Link List" - may be more clear but still not used and in the same time it may disambiguate with Linked List but it has different spelling.
  3. Traditional "Bibliography" term is good but it has some another meaning like an attachment to some article with list of sources. Here I found some related term Linkography.
  4. References: used by WikiPedia but in my opnion it have some another meaning. Anyway this is a good candidate.
  5. Bookmarks: This term looks like have a more precise meaning.
  6. Pinterest.com uses term "pin"
  7. Links Collection : as very clear term but to be honest is harder to pronounce. The dropmark.com uses just a term "Collection".

So can you advice me on this? I'm not a native speaker so any feedback from native speakers will be very helpful.

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    I would just say list of websites. (However, that's just me—it could be any number of things. There is no set phrase.) But if it's at the end of a paper, they are simply listed along with every other source in the section called References, Works Cited, Endnotes, Bibliography, or whatever it is your style guide says you should name such a list. – Jason Bassford Apr 30 '19 at 4:44
  • People use "Resources" for this. – aparente001 May 1 '19 at 6:04

"Annotated bookmarks" makes sense to me. So, number 5 with qualification. A bookmark would be just the link. But you have provided some description of each link. So that's presumably more valuable than just the link.

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